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Colista L.
2015 Honda Accord Coupe
13k miles
Hair Stylist


Our Inventory

Finding your perfect vehicle is easy for Trovarr

Each week, Capitol Credit Union’s Locate-to-Order service has nationwide access to every vehicle coming off-lease from every manufacturer. Place a preference order for any one- to four-year-old vehicle, and we’ll find the one that meets your specifications that meets our quality standards at the best price. We do all the work so it’s hassle free for you!

How do we have access to so many vehicles?

  • Trovarr taps into every factory sale in the nation.
  • In an instant, our professional buyer can do an inspection to see if the vehicle that matches your preferences meets our standards.
  • Our experienced staff of auto locators have years of experience locating the highest-quality late model vehicles.

Visit the Locate-to-Order or Get a Lease Quote page to tell us about your vehicle requirements. We will do with ease what would be a pain in the taillights for you!

Our Quality Standards

Exterior Quality Checks

We are looking for a vehicle with minimal dings, scratches, or other issues that can be addressed at make-ready.

Interior Quality Checks

We’ll check for signs of smoking, strange odors and wear and tear on carpets, upholstery and radios. If there are issues, we go – Next!

Mechanical Quality Checks

Our mechanic will do a thorough inspection that includes the engine, transmission, A/C, power and electrical options.

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Register to Win! $750 gift certificate from Nordstrom, Cabela’s, or Amazon!